NTC National Trade Center

  • Location:Taichung
  • Project Condition:Bare-shell House
  • Interior designer:Jack
  • Area:1652m2
  • Year:2018
  • 3D Rendering Artist:Asa

The target location of this case is situated at the intersection point of the urban center, which echoing the spiritual symbol of the future city.
The proprietor is a multi-identity investor who wishes to set up an enterprise headquarters of an international investment consulting company in the trade center.
Considering of his high social status and distinct stylish preference, we attempt to make use the concept of magnificent building plus dynamic aesthetics, thus bring about the exclusive taste belong to the particular enterprise.

Architectural craftsmanship manifest the brand essence

Refer to the appearance of the building and cooperate with the interior structure of the building mass, exploit the architectural aesthetic methods to construct the distinguished atmosphere of the space.
The determined spirit indicates the style, promising the prospects and symbolism of the enterprise.

Dynamic aesthetics deduces spatial stylish

For the reason to echo the proprietor's favorite collections - airplanes, yachts, sports cars and so on, which are all fantastic dreamy arts of dynamic aesthetics, the configuration of the space meets the hobby, with streamline modeling, novel materials and fashionable color, thence creates a fascinating perception.

Reinterpreting the movie scenes

With the Asgard palace in the movie 《Thor》 as the exemplar, the elegant curved columns are transformed into the vertical lineal in the space, further distinctly layout the spatial style, so that it has a significant imposing manner yet not extravagant.

The Hall Reception Area

While entering, two rows of A-type columns pop into sight, which constructed of titanium-plated metal assort with illumination. Consequently, brings about the visual effect of lighting from the outside, and seems walk into a palace in the outer space.

Make use of black stones as the material for the ground, a round shape of marble texture in the central of the hall, which leading a mysterious atmosphere as if looking down at the globe from the outer space.

Tracking the vision to the large main wall at the bottom, the identification of the enterprise logo is enlarged; and designed automatic door, to make the conference room hidden in the rear, thence construct an independent area.

The President's Office

Imagine the headquarters of the enterprise as an aircraft carrier, and then the president's office would be the command module. Exploit marble of galaxy texture to construct the ceiling, and assort with the surrounding illumination and mirror reflection to present the infinity ambience of the universe.

The back wall of the office is also a highlight of the vision. It adopts the method of inlaying glaze, and by way of the colorful changes that transmitted by light, brings out the interstellar atmosphere of the Milky Way.

The metal-clad display cabinets with its distinctive wing shape echo the British super car brand Aston Martin. The contemporary minimalist streamlines vision that more in line with the overall style.

The argenteous semi arc sofa, which embedded metal copper strips on the ground, thence makes the hardware and soft furnishing perfectly coupled. It is like naturally comes out from the ground, and matches the low coffee table in the center, as well brings about the picture of the cockpit.

The VIP Lounge

As a VIP reception space for audio and video entertainment, it keeps the notion of the space capsule ——
Octagonal ceiling and wall mixed and match with different materials. The reflection effect of the flooring material sets off more mysterious and fantastic visually.
The shining back wall of the bar that constructed by the combination of empty wine bottles and lamps, thus create a fashionable bar with a sense of future.

The Fitness Centre

The ceiling, floor and wall of the gym, with the outline of dynamic aesthetics, combine black and white to highlight the spatial stylish vision.
The flowing lines, like the sport car taillights, symbolize the wild and unruly, rapidly changing kinetic energy.
In fact, inspired by the metal beehive frame of sport car's radiator, which more subtly echoes the proprietor's favorite refined design elements.
Color system, lineal, shape, all agree with the preference, furthermore perfectly interpreted the interior design of "consistent function and essence".